From March 2001
Nathan Brownless
Age 22
15 Months in the desert
Nominated by
Rory O’Sullivan
Ramon Rodrieguez
Age 28
6 Months in the desert
Nominated by
Mark Stringer
Martin Dunsdon
Age 24
1 Months in the desert
Nominated by
Nick Wilkins
Welcome to the Gobi desert…
The site dedicated to those who are stuck in a dry patch!
gobi-desert.com is the ultimate league system designed to let you tell the world, just how long your mates have been without it (SEX that is!)!!!

Why would you tell on your mates, I hear you cry…….Because they will tell on you!!!

The League table will start on October 1st 2001

Submit you entries to by clicking on the “submit a nomad” link in the bar above, or click on “nomad stories” to view some successful and failed attempts to escape the desert

Thought a friend was here, but can’t find him?
That’s because we are only viewing three random ‘Chief Bedwin’s’ until the league starts in October. You will be able to view all entries then.
And yes you are probably already in the league!!!!

The Nomad.

Sorry over 18′s only and no Virgins (even if they have been trying really hard!)On here by mistake?
Email remove@gobi-desert.com with your details and we will remove the entry.
Remember its only a bit of fun!!!